Geeky Gifts for Moms, Dads, and GradsMother’s Day

Conveniently, I’ve narrowed down the shopping search for you, with this list of must-haves for the mom, dad, and graduate in your life.

1. 5X Zoom Lighted Fog-Free Mirror ($59.95)Dad’s everywhere could use this for those hard-to-see shaving spots. This mirror uses a precise 1-5x power zoom mechanism and three LEDs to provide clear and illuminated magnification. Its unbreakable, polycarbonate fog-free surface allows for in-shower use, and also sports a digital clock. Requires three AA batteries.

2. Cooper Cooler ($59.99)There’s nothing worse than a warm beverage, and your mother doesn’t deserve that. With the Cooper Cooler, you can chill your drink fast, from 77F/25C to refrigerator cold 43F/6C or to “ice cold” 33F/1C. Just add ice cubes, water, and plug it in. Available in white or silver.

3. Personalized Light Affection ($119-$239)Nothing says, “You’re the greatest!” than a personalized gift. Light Affection is a lamp with a personal photo of your choice. It includes the main carved piece, a frame, a back stand, an energy efficient light bulb and a plug-in electric cord with a on/off switch. Comes in 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 frame sizes.

4. Push Pin Lamp ($19.99)Great for the student who needs a lamp to double as a Post-It note holder. Choose from red, blue, green, and orange. Press down on the push pin to turn on the lamp. Bulb not included.


5. Floating LCD Clock ($89.99)Perfect for the office or dorm. The base includes micro-processor controlled magnets that allow the clock to levitate in mid-air. Clock displays time, month, day, year, and temperature. Comes with 120V Power Adapter.

6. Westinghouse WST2000W Intelliblend Blender ($33.99)Does mom need a new blender? Let her be geeky for once with this digital blender. It has built-in memory containing over 400 pre-programmed recipes. Recipes include frozen drinks, dips, sauces, spreads, salad dressings, and smoothies. Features a 425-watt motor, backlit LCD screen, 5 control settings, and heavy-duty blades.

7. Beanbag Cell Phone Chair ($9.75)Is your teen always losing their cell phone? Give them a bean bag to keep track of their cell phone’s whereabouts. It’s a comfy place to not only store a phone, but also an mp3 player or Blackberry. Comes in Neon Green, Turquoise, Orange, Red, Fuschia, Charcoal and White nylon.

8. S.BEAT MP3 Digital Media Player ($260)A 1GB MP3 player and Swiss Army Knife in one! Comes with earphones, adjustable neck strap, anti-dangling mechanism, remote control, arm strap for jogging, line-in cable to record from external sources, belt clip, and USB cable. Tools include blade, scissors, nail file, abd nail cleaner.

9. Lazy Drinker Cocktail Dispenser ($750)A computer-controlled dispensing device that holds 16 ingredients mixed automatically by your computer. Features a database of over 5,000 drinks to choose from. Comes as a cooler or a DIY kit. Only requires a Co2 tank and a PC with a serial port.

10. Soda Club’s Gourmet Soda Machine ($119.99, $129.99, $299.99)Make your own seltzer or soda in a variety of flavors that’s ready in seconds. Comes in three models: the Fountain Jet, Edition 1 and Penguin. There are over 25 great-tasting regular, diet and caffeine-free flavors to choose from, starting at just $2.99, which produce 12 liters of fresh soda!

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