Project Runway 4 For Playstation

If you been following my other posts on the old GI Forum about Project Runway 2 then you have will have some idea about what this is about. It is a show unlike any other that I have been involved on PS Home. It is extremely well organized and is not just a regular fashion show contest. The main host is PrincessDomaro. She is the principle mastermind behind the show. But she has a full staff of people helping her. She has judges like mizz_evie and May 2099 (also a GI member). GI’s quasar 338 is also involved in helping the models and designers by answering questions and giving advice. The competion revolves around both fashion designers and models.


There are elaborate custom photo shoot sets created by May 2099, who is a real life graphic designer. Not only has May designed the photo shoot sets, but also elaborate clubhouses too.  In previous Project Runway seasons, she designed a separate runway clubhouse and workroom club house for design sessions (that’s where the outfits were put together for the challenges). That is another unique facet to the competition is the use of multiple clubhouses for different parts of the show such as for meetings, runway show, judgement/deliberation, working design sessions, photo shoots, etc. May’s graphic design skills are definitely reflected in her latest club house which is partitioned off to include different areas for a runway walk, work room area, and more. When you are there, you feel like you are in some kind of Hollywood set. The photo shoots are done with Adam_Bell, who is a real life photographer, and is a pleasure to work with. I have posted pics from my photo shoots with him on the PS Community Forum in the “Ladies Fashion Runway” thread (of course always giving credit to the pics taken by Adam).  Some photo shoots are done in personal spaces and public spaces in addition to the sets that May creates.
I have been involved in the shows since Project Runway 2. Most recently I was in The Modeling Project, which was a competition for models only, and am happy to say that I came out one of the winners such that I would be one of the BADD Inc models for Project Runway. Currently the BADD Inc staff is currently looking for new designers for the next show, Project Runway 4. The deadline for registration of new designers is this Friday, February 3. Me & the other winners of The Modeling Project have earned our places as BADD Inc models for Project Runway 4. The models must have a lot of content to provide their designers with plenty to work with. The models must also be able to sell their fits.  They do this by how they work the runway with how they walk, pose, and use combinations of poses, and actions to show off their designers’ work.  In the show, designers will be assigned to model and compete in weekly challenges. My designer and I made the final 3 in Project Runway 2. Even though, we didn’t win, we had a lot of fun! I hear that Project Runway 4 is going to be even bigger than the past shows and will utilize 4 different clubhouses!
If you are interested in finding out more, go to their extensive web site: There you can read more about The Modeling Project that I was just in, the upcoming Project Runway 4 show (looks like the posts for the previous seasons have been archived, but please refer to the aforementioned topic in the old forum), a calendar, a forum, and much more!
I have been meaning to write an article about my experience in Project Runway/The Modeling Project for HSM but haven’t gotten around to it yet. When I do, I will post a link here for you all to read!